Easy Keyword Research With Free Tools by Chantel Arnett

Easy Keyword Research With Free Tools

What's included?

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First Things First
Get Inside Your Reader’s Head
Planning Killer Content
When Creating Content, Write About One Topic First
Effective Keyword Research Tips
Start with seed keywords
Generate keyword ideas
Use keyword research tools
Study your niche well
Understand keyword metrics & SEO acronyms
Search Volume
Traffic potential
Keyword Difficulty
Cost Per Click
Group your list of keywords
Google Suggest Keyword Tools
SEO Chat Google Keyword Suggest Tool
SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder
Keywords Everywhere on Google Search
Keywords Everywhere on Amazon
Keywords Everywhere on Etsy
Answer the Public
Specific Keyword Research Tools and Techniques
Goals of Keyword Research
Free Keyword Research Tools
Forums, Etc.
Use These Keyword Qualifiers
On-Page SEO Optimization
On-page SEO optimization
SEO Minion (Chrome extension/SEO tool)
27 Ways to Generate an Almost Limitless Number of Awesome Blog Post Ideas
50 Blog-Post Titling Templates to Get The Click
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

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