{FREE} Printable Affiliate Marketing Planner by Chantel Arnett

{FREE} Printable Affiliate Marketing Planner

A step-by-step affiliate marketing planner


NOTE: This planner is the printable version of the affiliate marketing mini course.

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (21 PAGES):

  • Step 1: Set Up the Infrastructure
    • Exercise: Plan for the Future
  • Step 2: Start with the Products You Use and Love
    • Exercise: Find and Sign Up for Affiliate Programs
  • Step 3: Research Complementary Products
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Complementary Products and Apply to Their Affiliate Programs
  • Step 4: Consider the Competition
    • Exercise: Scope Out Your Competition’s Affiliate Offers
  • Step 5: Other Tools and Resources
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Physical Products
    • Exercise: Register for the Appropriate Affiliate Programs
  • Step 6: Incorporating Affiliate Marketing in Your Social Media Outreach
    • Exercise: Add Affiliate Promotions to Your Social Media Calendar
  • Step 7: Blogging and Affiliate Marketing: The Perfect Match
    • Exercise: Create a List of Products to Review
    • Exercise:Create a List of Products for Your Resources Page
  • Step 8: Your Products and Coaching Programs
    • Exercise: Map Your Products and Relevant Promotions
  • Step 9: Review Your Autoresponder Series for Opportunities
    • Exercise: Map Your Autoresponders and Relevant Promotions
  • Step 10: Create Canned Responses in Your Email or Help Desk (For Those Looking for Products You Don’t Sell)
    • Exercise: List Your Most Frequent Questions and Relevant Affiliate Promotions
  • Step 11: Track, Test & Tweak
    • Exercise: Create Your Tracking Sheet

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